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Parenting for Positive Results: Montessori in the Home

Do you have a two-to-twelve year-old child that will be learning from home this year?

Are you interested in learning some tips and effective communication tools to see eye-to-eye with your parenting partner?

Would you like to know how to create an environment that instills the child’s need for independence, creativity, concentration, and a sense of order in the home?

Do you want to not just survive parenthood but rather to thrive, and to help your family do the same?

“I can help!” – Kristen

Join me, Kristen Ancker, for my new program, Parenting for Positive Results. This Montessori-in-the-Home edition is an intensive six week program that will transform your home into a Montessori home! My course will give you the confidence to create consistent routines and rituals that will teach your children valuable social and life skills. Parents will feel supported by an experienced educator to answer all their child development questions and concerns.

By going through my Montessori-in-the-Home course, you will learn how to create the optimal home learning environment, while having support from other like-minded parents in our online community. Your child will gain self-confidence, increase concentration skills, develop emergent reading skills, and refine fine and gross motor coordination. Additionally, you will be supported and encouraged to develop self-care habits for your health and greater well-being.

For the past twenty years, I have been assisting families and children as a Montessori teacher, Preschool Director, and Assistant Head of School. Currently I am a School and Family Consultant; I teach parents and teachers how to be kind and firm (simultaneously), develop consistent limits and boundaries, clear communication barriers, and form strong relationships with their children and students. I love it!

Included in my Parenting for Positive Results Program November 2nd  – December 7th.

  • 5 Live 1-hour Group Coaching sessions via Zoom
  • One 90 minute Q and A
  • Two Private 45-minute Coaching sessions (with parenting partner or family member of choice)
  • Private Facebook Group for community support, daily motivation, and accountability
  • Nine Video Modules to create a united front between parenting partners, while teaching effective discipline strategies
  • A lifetime of close connection and valuable communication tools that benefit all relationships

This wise investment in your family is only $297.

I am so happy to join you on your parenting journey! I look forward to encouraging and assisting you in these challenging times. I also use these skills, as I parent my own three energetic and strong-willed children. I understand how hard parenting can feel sometimes. However, through my experience and training, I also know the skills that can minimize power struggles, instill resiliency, respect and grit in our kids, and create a more peaceful home with the words we use. I am so excited to start working with you to create positive habits in your family’s life!


“Kristen provided a safe space for all of us to share our concerns, vent frustrations and even laugh about them. After each session, I would go home and try Kristen’s suggestions. To my amazement, they tended to work! The biggest hurdle for me was breaking my OWN old bad habits of parenting (yelling, talking down to) and remembering to use the tools I had learned. These tools are effective and don’t make you feel like a monster. Most importantly, it moves you all toward your common goal of modeling an adult child you would want to spend time with and who will want to spend time with you.

Since participating in Kristen’s six-week workshop, my one child has become more manageable and it has opened up space to give more positive attention to BOTH children and has vastly improved my overall happiness as a mom.  I am not as tired as I was from recovering from and awaiting the next meltdown. Communication with my husband has also improved. We have been able to discuss strategies and get on the same page so that no one has to feel like the “bad guy”. In addition, working with my kids to find solutions (having family meetings, listening to their suggestions), has helped the kids to take ownership and accountability for their chores, and allowed me to see that they are capable of much more than I had previously given them credit for!”

Jennifer N.

Space is limited to ensure quality of the program, so reserve your spot today!

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